Transporting Cargo Safely and Legally

Whether you are shipping within the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area or nationwide, you need a partner with the experience, expertise and equipment to move your cargo safely, efficiently and legally. Uncommon Carrier exceeds regulations in safety and accountability standards, assuring your success throughout the entire process.

Safety and Legal Considerations

Improperly transporting overweight containers has serious safety and legal implications. There are questions about liability and, should something go wrong, exposure to punitive damages. Uncommon Carrier delivers your cargo safely, securely and legally, giving you full confidence and peace of mind.

Load Reduction and Optimization

With Uncommon Carrier’s load reduction and optimization services we are able to increase profitability for imported cargo. We review the shipment, understand requirements, and create customized load solutions for maximum load capacity and profitability.

Load Maximization

When loading your cargo optimally, you want to transport the maximum amount of cargo you can and reduce costs. Uncommon Carrier’s load maximization services allow us to load your shipment effectively and increase your profitability.

Overweight Cargo Limitations in Pounds

LegalOverweightOverweight LightChassis
20-ft Dry37,00052,000N/A
20-ft Reefer35,00050,000N/A
20-ft Reefer w/Genset33,00048,000N/A
40-ft Dry45,00055,00057,500
40-ft Reefer43,00053,00055,500
40-ft Reefer w/Genset41,00051,00053,500