COVID-19 Port Update

We appreciate the additional effort the Port of NY & NJ is taking to increase healthy and safety measures, as outlined from Port Breaking Waves.

Uncommon Carrier, in accordance with CDC & WHO guidelines, have increased environmental cleaning and disinfection requirements in all our facilities and equipment.  As well, are encouraging personal protective measures among staff.  We are continuing to operate and deliver for our customers during this critical time.


The Port of New York and New Jersey

COVID-19 Port Open & Service Update

We would like to share an article with our customers to provide an update on the Port of New York and New Jersey due to COVID-19. As of today, March 19th – The Port will remain open and operating under normal conditions.

We, at Uncommon Carrier, remain steadfast in this time of crisis and continue to move the cargo required to support and maintain the nation’s economy.  We will continue to work with our partners to provide the necessary transportation and logistics to keep their business operational.

For more information regarding the Port of New York and New Jersey – Review this article from Port Breaking Waves.

Continuing Service COVID-19 Update

Dear Customers –

Thanks for being a partner with us at Uncommon Carrier & Uncommon Logistics.

Like you, we’ve been watching the news around the world as coronavirus leaves a trail of sickness and closures in its path. Everyone everywhere is impacted.

Many of us are being told to isolate ourselves by sheltering in place and cutting ourselves off from the outside world. This is a new and unexpected reality and we understand that this is not only physically isolating, but also impacts daily logistics and the business bottom line.

Currently, we will be continuing normal business operations as our team telecommutes. Until the period is behind us, we want to lock arms with you to push forward through the challenges ahead. Therefore, here is how we can offer help:

  1. We have warehouse space available at two locations. 
  2. We’ve increased environmental cleaning and disinfection requirements in all our facilities and equipment.
  3. We will work with you to make sure your product is secure. We will continue to service our customers by meeting their logistics needs with our promise to continue to be uncommonly reliable. Your cargo will continue to be picked up, delivered and/or stored until such time that there are government restrictions that will affect our ability to do so.
  4. Our team is in constant contact with the Port Authority and will post advisory information on our website to keep you informed.
  5. We are fully prepared to help you navigate potential shipping disruptions to your supply chain due to COVID-19.

And, more support will continue. In the coming days, we will find new ways to support each other personally beyond our standard business agreements.

Meanwhile, if you have specific needs that we can help you with or ideas on how we can help more, please send us an email at

Wishing that all of our partners, their employees, and families stay safe and healthy.

All our best,

The Uncommon Carrier & Uncommon Logistics Teams